GMAC Oscar Games

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I'm back in Detroit, but playing on the ASPS tiger team this week. Eight PM Sunday night I get the email to go to Southfield. Angie's working on a project and they want to see possible improvements on the HP servers. So here I am...

This shot is of Radu, one of the developers working on the project. in the background you can see Angie and the back of Mike Brenier's head.

Here I've got a shot of Ronald and Larry in the conference room next to the lab. You can see the teams main nutritional input on the table as well. 12-20 hour days, sugar for energy. I'm suprised we don't roll out of the room. <grin>

Cleanliness is next to....

And here's a a picture of the room. There's over 40 desktops here, and a mess of terminal servers. Gets a little warm in here...

Pictured are Rob, Jim McCoy, Angie and Mike.

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