Skating the Downtown St. Paul River Trail

All images Copyright 2006 Ron Nelson
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I've got the full index of the pictures I took online as well.

I didn't do much inline skating last year, given that I broke my leg early in the summer playing hockey. But since I moved from St. Paul the trail has been improved along the river.

I usually park at the landing and can skate either way from here. This picture is the view to the east down the river. The pictures above are to the west

This is the trail futher east, showing both the river bluffs and the barges that are usually tied up along the river here.

And here are a couple of pictures of the newer section of the trail. It's newer because they're busy slapping up townhomes/condos/apartments along the river. This created a new park or landing (below) which may be nice for skating west...

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