Web Server Links I've found useful

Handling secure and nonsecure connetions on the same web server

JavaScript Guide from Netscape

WebFORCE Server from SGI (Bond with WebFORCE Server Tuning Guide)

RealAudio Server information.

The Elsop Webmaster Resource Center

Browse Netscape Enterprise Server 2.x Technical Notes

Server Installation and Reference Guide - Index This Installation and Reference Guide documents both the Commerce and the Communications Servers. The Communications Server operates without security; everything else is the same for both servers.

Two Servers, One Interface You can serve two or more different domains from one http server.

The WWW Security FAQ

Lymehouse Devoto The Lymehouse Devoto pages offer a lot of useful Netscape server information gleaned from many places (such as newsgroup postings). Unfortunently, the site is withering away, and will be unavailable soon.

Information on the new Enterprise server

Information on IRC

HTML 3.2 Reference Specification

JavaScript Handbook Support Center. This page has quite a bit of information on MS Internet Explorer 3.0 Compatibility with Netscape.

Informix webzines
Informix on Linux

Support Newsgroups

Netscape Servers: Enterprise Server
Netscape Tools: LiveWire

Net Dynamics newsgroups

Search NetDynamics Web Site (or jump directly to support.)


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