Las Vegas!

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Vegas, baby! Lisa and I flew down to Las Vegas for something or other, and had a blast.

Here Lisa, Karen and Scot and I are hanging out waiting for the great Mirage volcano to "blow". <grin>

And wasn't that exciting? <grin>

Every fifteen minutes all evening...

Across the strip from the Mirage was the The Venetian. The copy from their site states:

Experience the romance of Venice in the heart of Las Vegas. Experience the Las Vegas Stripís ultimate all-suite resort, hotel, and casino. Experience The Venetian!
As far as I can tell, this means canals and singing gondoliers. Because the desert that is Nevada needs this. <grin>

I snapped off another picture of Scot/Karen/Lisa here, which I'm sure is appreciated. But it gets better...

One of the stranger things I found at the Venetian was their Grand Canal Shoppes.

These shops are two stories about street level (and above the main casino) and all overlook the canal. With the lighting and the sky-painted ceiling, it looks the same no matter what time of day or night. This felt odd, but not out-of-place give the rest of Las Vegas....

Here's my sister Rachel and her son Ethan by the indoor canal.
Here's a couple more pictures from wandering the Venetian.

One of the entertainers they had though this casino's mall were "living statues." They would just stand still in various poses, but would set up special poses or for pictures for tips. Here the guy's giving Ethan a "thumbs-up" after a tip. <grin>

The pool at the Mirage...

Animatronic fun...

Not that it's obvious, but the statue of Bacchus, Venus, Apollo and Plutus behind Lisa has it's own show every day on the hour.

I didn't get great pictures, as the lights are dimmed for the show. Of course, it has to end with a laser light show...

The other show is The Fall of Atlantis. I wasn't set up to take decent pictures of this show, as the room was darkened completely for the show. Makes sense, since fire is more dramatic in the dark. But my camera was not up to the task... <sigh>

One of the entrances into the Mirage passed a a pen/pool which held one of Seigfried and Roy's big cats.

I've snapped a few pictures of one of the white tigers playing in the pool...

Because it's a vacation tradition of mine... Here are pictures of the hotel room. <grin>

The room was pretty nice, we were up on the "penthouse" level of the hotel, so the room was a little fancier. The biggest difference was in the bathroom, with a jacuzi tub and a seperate shower.

After the ceremony, Lisa and I were posed for the pictures. While they were doing that, Rachel snapped off a few shots. Kind of a change from the official album.

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