It seems that Google Buzz might be going away, but all the posts on Google+ carry on. (Since this links my Google+/Reader/Blogger posts it should have some more recent fun of mine...)

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Since I have the Raspberry Pi Camera module attached to this "server", I set it up to grab a snapshot out my window once an hour, apply watermark, resize and post. I'm also compiling videos of the pictures for now: I'll keep the building of the stadium up there, but keeping every picture taken for the last few years got a bit much for the storage. So I'm just keeping the movies made here: Twins game I attended with Scot and Karen. They were passing through town and took me to see the game. Twins win!

I took a few pictures of the new trail along the river in downtown St. Paul. Another trail to add my page listing all the "trail pics" I've taken.

Wild vs. Calgary from last March. This was a fun game for me, as I picked up a ticket from a scalper that had me sitting directly behind the visitor (Calgary) penalty box. Though I reviewed the game I had recorded on TiVo, and all you can see of me on TV was my legs and the bottom of my coat. <grin>

Geek time... Yep, getting together with friends for late-into-the-night gameing sessions. These pictures are from a Twilight Imperium night.

Pictures from my 2005 hunt are online. Not many so far, but I may get some more from the others. (Sorry, we were in a hurry to get to Duluth for the UMD hockey game, and forgot to get any pictures with the hides on...)

Pictures of Lisa's parents houses (old and new) are online.

And I will always keep a full index of all of my Picture Collections online here. (Disk is cheap, never throw anything away.)

I have a document with several useful links for UNIX system administration. Let me know what you think.

Well, I really don't want to set up a document detailing who I am and what my interests are, other than the obvious Dilbert interest. However, I also don't want a Bookmarks list a mile long. So if you would like to see links that I check out frequently, you can check it out.

Here's the traditional resume posting.

Consultants are everywhere. Consultant's News wrote a piece poking fun at consultants expense.

In light of what I've been up to...

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