Trip to New York!

Walcott Motel Well, I finally got to visit New York. I've been working on the project for the last few weeks, and has a weekend to visit Manhattan. (Well, part of a weekend. Work intruded, but I did get Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to play.)

I checked into the The Hotel Wolcott. This was a last minute reservation made at Travelocity, but it worked out fine. Certainly within walking distance of Times Square and the theater district. Besides, I didn't go to New York to hang out in a motel room. <grin>

Walcott Motel Room

Walcott Motel Room Probably a good thing that I didn't want to hang out in my room, though...

The queen bed filled the room, as you can see. The picture on the left is from the doorway of the room, and you can see the bathroom door on the other side of the bed. The picture on the right is from inside the bathroom door.

Saturday evening I headed out down Broadway. After wandering around Times Square, I decided to catch a Broadway show. After haggling with the scalper, I found myself with a ticket to Annie Get Your Gun, with Bernadette Peters. (I can't help but think of "The Jerk"...) A fun time, though.

After the show, I took the subway to Greenwich Village. From there I hiked over to the Blue Note jazz club. Great music, expensive club. Still worth it to see what all the noise was about. Might go there next week to catch the Ron Carter/Steve Turre show. <grin>

Doug and Paula at display

One great point about this weekend trip was that I actually got to meet up with friends while there! Doug and Paula took advantage of a CyberSavers rate to Newark for the weekend.

I met up with Paula and Doug at their motel, and we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for brunch. Mmmm... Fancy food.

Here you see Doug and Paula at one of the displays of Ancient Greek Art. Classy....


Me, I have my picture taken next to this statue in the Department of Asian Art. (At least it wasn't here...)

Central Park

Central Park. Here are a few pictures of the reservoir, trails and the surrounding streets. This looked like it could be a lot of fun, I may have to take my skates to NY next time...
Central Park

Central Park

Guggenheim Museum

This is about as close as I got to the Guggenheim Museum. So I'll just have to go back again...

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