Life in New Jersey

Living the life Rafael Oh, yeah. This is fun.

Life at Terra after 7 pm. Check out the life of style we're living. Rafael and I are putting in another late night at Terra. Oooooo.

Living the life Living the life Here are pictures of the server room at the IDT building in Piscataway. Racks of Suns. All this equipment is being moved to Long Island, where I'm going next week.

Just in time for Terra's leaving the facilities, IDT installed a new air conditioning system to keep the room cool. (I wish I got a picture of the room when it was full of room fans...) Still, you can see the picture of the supplimental air conditioner next to the drive array.


Well, I'm back on the road. It was pointed out to me that I hadn't had a page showing my hotel room in a while. Well, the last couple of weeks I was staying in the Sommerset Marriott. That's not so exciting

Of course, I'm only staying at the Sierra Suites in Piscataway New Jersey this week. Not all that exciting. But still better than staying in the Motel 8.


Motel Room

As you can see, it's a mini-suite style of room. Not too bad, as far as they go. I think I prefer the Residence Inn rooms, but there are a few things that are nice. Personally, I like a decent TV. And the full size fridge is good.

Hopefully I'll remember not to pick up any frozen pizzas. No stove, you see. (I got around this while in Boston by breaking the frozen pizza into four pieces and microwaved it. Well, I got to eat anyway...)

Motel Room Piscataway
Motel Room

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