Life in Detroit, Take 2

Well, I'm back in Detroit.

These are a few snapshots of the view from my cube at GMAC

These are snapshots from my motel room. I've been staying at the Courtyard Detroit Downtown Of course, the picture on this page is of some random Courtyard. This motel used to be a Omni property, and is 21 stories high in downtown Detroit.

And here are a couple of shots of the view from the motel. These are from the river side of the motel, overlooking the Renaissance Center. You can see Windsor, Canada on the other bank of the river.

There are some good links and history of the Renaissance Center here, along with GM's virtual reality tour of RenCen. Interesting...

And here is my room in the Marriott at the center of the RenCen. From the sixtieth floor, here are pics of the room and of Windsor Ontario across the river.

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