2001 Mississippi Flooding in Saint Paul MN

Well, flood season is in full force here in Minnesota.

Here's a snap shot looking north from the Robert Street bridge across the Mississippi a couple of blocks from my apartment.

The flooded street is Shepard Road.

These are snapshots from the Robert Street bridge looking south. You can see the flooded Shepard Road, and that Rasberry Island is completely under water.

I thought it'd be neat to see the same areas with and without flooding.

It made sense at the time...

More snapshots from further south. Here you can see the dikes built, and flooded parking lots and railroad tracks.
Or you can check out the same area without flooding.

Finally, if you look very closely, you can see the two boys that were riding their bikes through the water. Of course, in this picture one of the boys had dumped his bike. <grin>

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