Monday in London

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Christmas Vacation!

Time to burn some Northwest Frequent Flier Miles. It's a long flight from Minneapolis to London, but that's where Lisa and I are spending the week. (Marriot Rewards points figure into the vacation plans as well..)

After flying into London Gatwick, we took the train to Victoria Station, and then the London Underground to the Holburn station (on the same block as our hotel). Here's a couple of shots of Lisa and I on the train. Sleepy...

Suprise! (Well, I was...) I met up with my friend Craig in London! He's been out of the country for the last couple of years, but happened to be in England the same week as we were.

We managed to get together for dinner our first night in London.

For some reason my staying in this motel amused Craig. Here's a picture of us in the hotel lobby..

Finally, here are a couple of shots from the Renaissance Club Lounge. This is a pretty fancy hotel, eh? <grin>

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