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I have been playing harmonica for quite a few years. I am still just an novice, but have fun with it. A great way to unwind with friends. Kevins Harps is on the web! WoooHoooo!

If you look hard enough among any group of UNIX folks, you are likely to find a few Emacs users. Often called "Fanatics" or "Disturbed", the fact is that they are just followers of the One True Way. Converted or not, users of emacs may find useful extensions to this way of life at the Emacs Lisp Archive

I'm a big music fan, and one of the styles that I really groove on is jazz. Minneapolis/St. Paul is lucky enough to have a 24 hour jazz station, KBEM-FM. Other sources of local media include City Pages Online, all that is left, now. For music, check out NetRadio jazz also at ISDN quality.

KFAI? Hell, Rev's gone... But, there is the Disneyfied replacement: Zone 105. Of course, there is always Radio K. Yeah, I'd like to listen to a 15 watt AM transmitter.

As far as newspapers go, it might be cool to check out the London Times and the New York Times. However, to be really pretentious you need to check out New York Times Book Review.

One of the ways that I get to enjoy this beautiful Minnesota weather is to go out and skate the trails. There are excellent equipment prices at skates away Oddly enough, Yahoo has an impressive Inline Skating index. Also, there is Todd Murray's Mountain bike trails and inline skating in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Well, it looks like a new way to break bones for me. Cool! I've taken Minnesota's Motorcycle Safety Training. Definitely worth the time/money. (Of course, I still broke my arm. <sigh>)

Powell's Now! Located in Portland, Oregon, USA Powell's Books is the largest independent bookseller in the United States. They have over one million used, new, hard-to-find and antiquarian titles in stock in seven general and specialty stores in over 5000 different subject areas. ( A different source of used books is the Advanced Book Exchange home page. This is an on-line database of several used bookstores. Of course, the great evil, Barnes and Nobel are online now. Interesting... Of course, there is always Ruminator Books Now!Ruminator Books (Previously Hungry Mind), a local independent with a good reputation.

L-Space Now! The L-Space Web! This is an excellent point to catch info on one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett. Another interesting site is The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. They publish a list of SF events in the MN area called Einblatt.

WCCO Twin Cities Weather and NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE TWIN MN forcast. Also available is their graphics overview page. And lets not forget the Weather Channel.

1997 Wrangler (TJ) Frequently Asked Questions
R.S.I. Page
Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 - Table of Contents
USENIX Conference Proceedings - (Previously Movielink)
Let's Play Hockey magazine
MapQuest: an interactive web atlas. Pretty cool.
Ze sveedish chef page, Bork Bork Bork!
The sci.fractals FAQ is cool, but seems to be gone. The Usenet group is still there, just no more FAQ. The The Chaos MetaLink is still there, and is a pretty good source for chaos and fractal mathematics pages.
National Public Radio's latest newscast in RealAudio 2.0 format
Northwest Airlines Cyberfares. Cheap flights!
SF-Lovers web site.

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