Various News Pages

  • Click
       Slashdot The complete techie news source.
  • Click Freshmeat Where to get my Linux stuff today?
  • O'Reilly NetworkeWeek -
       The Enterprise Newsweekly UNIX
       Review More nerd news...
  • CNet Salon.comSlate
       Magazine The USA Register

  • You've got to get your local news somewhere...

  • And not-so-local news...
  • SAGEwire SAGE, The System
       Administrators Guild USENIX USENIX/SAGE Sites....
  • Root Prompt -- Nothing but
    NewsForge UNIX/Open Source sites.
  • LinuxPlanet LinuxWorld Linux Journal Linux Format

  • Solaris news sites.

  • These sites are the the best PC hardware and enthusiast's sites on the Internet

  • Another recommended security web site. Even after being aquired by Symantec, there's still good stuff here. Check out the library and the bugtraq archives.
  • Used to be Hacker News Network, a site to check out for their advisories, research reports and tools

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