Duluth Bayfront Bluesfest 2000!

the life Oh, yeah. This is the life. August, and that means it's time for the Duluth Bayfront Blues Festival. Happy time.

Here Lisa and I are enjoying the sun on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The fest is the time I get to meet up with friends and have a good time.

Of course, some friends didn't make it this year. (I've got pictures of them from previous years...)


I really get a kick out of seeing folks that have moved on or away over the years. Here I get to hang out with Sue for a bit. Ever since she left Cargill and moved to St. Louis I only see her at the blues fest.

Music But the big attraction for the weekend is the music. And here the fest didn't disappoint. Even though I was only able to catch two days of the fest this year (Newark sucks) I certainly got my fill of blues guitar. (I write this while listening to The Paladin's rockabilly guitar...)

On the plus side, by the time I got up to Duluth it had stopped raining. This was probably the first year in a while that I was not rained on once during the weekend.

Here I have a shot of one of the Friday night shows on the main stage.

Jim and
Vickie Jim and
Vickie More friends!

Here I've got a couple pictures of Jim Kitterman. On the left he's hanging with Vickie, and on the right he's dancing with his daughter Holly. It's always good to see Jim/Sharon/Vickie/Holly/Mike/... another set of friends I seem to only catch at the blues fest.

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