Ron's 1999 pictures

Laguna Beach Pictures I spent the last weekend I was in Orange County working, but I did have a chance to drive down to Laguna Beach for lunch that Saturday afternoon. Here are a few snapshots of the trip.

Broadcom Pictures Well, I've now ridden off into the sunset. (For Broadcom, anyway...) Here are a few snapshots of the area and the work that I did.

I have posted pictures from my friend Jackie's celebration party. She has started a new job, and we all met to celebrate.

I've taken some shots of the server room here at Lids, and am working on a page to post them. It's rough right now, but hopefully I'll get a chance to clean this up soon. (I just wanted to get them up...)

Bruins Hockey PicturesI got to catch some more hockey this week! Thanks to EMC, I go to see the Bruins / Pittsburgh hockey game. Life in the Luxury Box is better. <grin> Pictures I took are online, of course.

Hotel Room Pictures Well, I can here you asking: "Ron, what's it like being a sophisticated consultant traveling around the country?" Well, this is it. Life in a hotel room. On the other hand, this is a fairly nice hotel room. <grin> I have a few snapshots posted up now, so you too can see.

Maine Pictures Fun, Fun, Fun! I drove up to Maine this weekend. Look what I found!

Mmmm... Ribs

Woo-Hoo! Andy and I flew down to Kansas City for the weekend. Not sure why... <grin>

New Apartment Pictures Well, it's finally happened. I moved! Being who I am, I have quick pictures of my new apartment posted already...

I also have a few pictures I took while on the cruise I took in 1999.

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