25 September 2001 Wild/Oilers Game

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Back at the Xcel Center. It's goot to have hockey back. I noticed that over the years, I've taken pictures at Ducks, Bruins, Rangers and Stars. (Though no pictures of the Sharks... D'oh!)

I went to all those games last year, and never pushed any pictures up. So, I brought the camera with me for my first pre-season game.

I was going to try to stitch these two pictures together. However, whenever I try to launch Enroute Imaging's QuickStitch the application crashes...

If you look at the top level of seats, second section from the left you can see where my season ticket is. Second row, fourth seat from the left. Right above the left edge of the electronic billboard, actually. Much fun, money well spent...

Of course, this is where I sat for tonights game. I had both seats, but couldn't find anyone to go with me. So I traded the pair for a single in the lower bowl.

These aren't the greatest seats, as you watch some of the game through the glass of the penalty box. But it's a fun change from sitting up in the cheap seats! <grin>

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