Ron's 2001 pictures

Check out the flood pictures I took over the weekend. I've also taken pictures of the river now, post-flood. Kind of interesting...

Baby Pictures! My cousin Stephanie is now a Mom! I stopped by to see her the first day, and have the pictures online. (of course... <grin>)

Amsterdam! I've just returned from my vacation in Amsterdam. I've put the pictures online, so check them out!

Ahhh... Back in Detroit I'm grinding away here at GMAC and have a set of new pictures to show for it. (Everyone needs to see more pictures of my hotel room, right? <grin>

Detroit Tigers baseball game last week! Much fun, check out the pics.

Ottawa! Check out the pictures I when I was there...

And after the other weekends incident, the new Jeep pictures of mine are online...

Well, I put a year and a half in for another startup company. And this is all I have to show for it. 2,834 vested options. Wow... From my count, that makes me 0 for 2. Next? Looks like the deal's been signed.

BayFront Bluesfest 2001 Pictures! Took a while, but I have finally put them up. (I used Joe Perrigoue's jindex tool, which you can find at his software web page.)

Hockey! We're wrapping up the NHL preseason, and I traded the pair of season tickets I've gone in on for a single seat on the lower bowl. Finally I have pictures of the Wild and Xcel Energy Center. The evil Edmonton Oilers managed a win, but it was a fun game to watch.

I've also finally pushed up my time in Dallas last spring, which includes pictures from the Dallas/Edmonton game I attended while there...

<grin> Pictures of friends! Once again, I've subjected friends of mine to exposure on the web. Will they talk to me again? Or will they just never notice that they were posted up? Anyway, this is from a trip I made to Chicago to see my friends Scot and Karen. (I did end up scanning this shot. Used the scanner function on my printer for the first time...

More friends breeding! <grin> I was up in Duluth, and saw Marc and Kirsten. They're the proud new parents of Gabriel. Pictures of the baby boy and us are online here, of course.

GMAC Oscar Games. Pictures of where I'm working, and the folks I'm working with. Piles of Servers! Piles of candy! Check it out.

I don't know why, but I laughed pretty hard when I saw this... It's probably just happy memories of blowing off studies to catch The Simpsons. Digging around, I even found a "news" article on the cereal. <grin>

Well, four years later I finally get back to the Bay Area. Work had me in meetings last Wednesday through Friday, so I stayed the weekend to play. Lisa came out to play too, and you can see us here at the Golden Gate bridge. Pictures are online, of course...

London Pictures! Ok, maybe I've got issues... But here they are, direct from London... Pictures of my vacation! Here are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

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